Recognized level 3 training

University-level training

  • Certificate in agriculture
  • Certificate in administration
  • Three certificates
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Bachelor’s degree in forest management and environment for businesses whose production activities are in areas other than maple sugaring or Christmas trees


College-level training

  • Diploma of college studies
  • Attestation of college studies in agriculture (4) in farm business management
  • Attestation of college studies in agriculture (4) other than farm business management, for a business in the relevant area of studies


Secondary education training

  • Diploma of vocational studies (DVS) in agriculture
  • DVS in maple sugaring for a maple sugaring business
  • DVS in hydroponics for a business in the aquaculture sector
  • DVS in landscaping for a landscaping business
  • DVS in floriculture for a floriculture business
  • Secondary school diploma (SSD) with a specialty in agriculture for a business in this area
  • DVS in silviculture for a maple-sugaring or a Christmas-tree production business
  • SSD in addition to 25 course units or credits in agriculture (3)
  • DVS in addition to 25 course units or credits in agriculture (3)


Training outside Québec

  • Diploma (1) or a diploma in technology (1) obtained after 14 years of schooling
  • Diploma (1) or a diploma in technology (1) obtained after 13 years of schooling in addition to courses taken for the Diploma of College Studies general education component (2)



(1) Diploma obtained outside Québec.
(2) General education leading to a Diploma of College Studies (DCS) includes all courses of the DCS general education component established by the ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport du Québec, accounting for a total of 26 ⅔ units.
(3) The 25 units or credits must have been obtained for college- or university-level courses in agriculture, specified as such by the educational institution. Courses in related fields, such as biology, chemistry and computer science, are not recognized. Course equivalencies based on recognition of previous training or experience are not included in the total of 25 units unless they led to the awarding of a diploma.
(4) Attestations of College Studies (AEC) or recognized combinations of AECs must include at least 25 units.

The programs Business practice in agriculture (900.86), Agricultural production management and planning (902.02), Farm business management (902.03), Owner/manager of a farm business (CNE.OJ), Sheep farming business start-up (CNE.ON) and Farm business management (CNE.OM) are deemed equivalent to a 20-unit Attestation of College Studies.