Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. My parents want to sell me the family farm. Can FIRA help me? Open or Close

    Yes, FIRA can support transfers or asset purchases involving the family farm.

  • 2. Are there application fees? Open or Close

    The file-opening fee is due when an application is filed. For a subordinated loan, the fee is $200 and for a lease purchase, $500. If FIRA authorizes a project, fees for studying the file will be added, up to a maximum of 0.5% of the amount of the subordinated loan granted or 1% of the amount of the authorized lease purchase.
    The fees for opening and studying a file will be periodically reviewed and may be adjusted at any time.

  • 3. Do we absolutely have to have a business plan? Open or Close

    You must present your project so we can evaluate it. We accept any kind of business plan that will enable us to assess your project in its entirety.
    FIRA has helped develop a guide for drawing up a business plan; the following link may be useful to you:

  • 4. What is a supervision plan? Open or Close

    The success of an entrepreneur doing business with FIRA is very important to us. The primary objective of the supervision plan is to ensure that you benefit from an environment that will support you in developing your skills as an entrepreneur. The supervision plan can therefore take different forms. It aims to establish, according to each entrepreneur, a coaching, mentoring and/or continuing education plan, which is suitable and adapted to the entrepreneur’s needs in terms of improving his or her skills and/or a form of business mentoring.

  • 5. I am an agricultural producer. Can FIRA help me? Open or Close

    To submit an application to FIRA, you or one of your associates must be between 18 and 39 years old, have recognized training, and control at least 20% of the voting shares of the business (if applicable). FIRA wishes to support young entrepreneurs in, or about to enter, the agricultural industry, who meet these criteria and those taking over an agricultural business or starting one.

  • 6. I already do business with FIRA. Can I reapply for a loan or a lease purchase? Open or Close

    Yes, FIRA will accept more than one application from you.